We are hearing about Ebola and EV-D68 Virus all over the news and media.  I have done some research myself in preparing for a vacation with my family.  The precautions are the same for the cold and flu season.  Ebola is spread through direct contact with bodily fluid, so wash hands often and don’t touch your face or eat with your hands without washing them.  EV-D68 is like a cold in that it is airborne so can be spread by someone that coughs or sneezes.  Use good sneezing and coughing etiquette.  EV-D68 seems to affect children with asthma or wheezing more than those that don’t.

This does not sound anymore cumbersome than the cold and flu season already is.  No one wants their children to be ill so teach good hand hygiene and not to touch their face.  I encourage the booger eaters not to eat or pick because they can get themselves sick and then continue the illness longer by eating it.   It’s hard to stop children from getting to that salty snack, Ha!

Parents should be cautious and thoughtful about other children.   You don’t know who has asthma and who does not in your child’s class.  Be as cautious as you would want someone to be about your child.  Get vaccinations and educate your children about taking care of themselves.  Teaching them how to care for their bodies is as important as teaching them how to be a good friend.

Some children become concerned or nervous when they hear about different illnesses, extreme weather conditions, etc.  Remember that you are the role model for the children and how you respond to these things will dictate how freaked out they are.  Address the issues honestly.  You have no control over the weather or if your child becomes ill but you have control over being prepared for these things and your response to them.  Help children to understand that you will help them by taking to them to the doctor and doing whatever the doctor tells you to do.  They can take care of themselves by washing hands or knowing where their safe place is in the house and what to bring with them when they go into it.  Having a plan will help you as well as your children to feel safe.  Deep breathing with them will help everyone to stay calm while in the crisis.  The more hysterical or dramatic you are the more hysterical and dramatic the children will be.  Remember, good parents present the real world to their children so that they are prepared and able to handle anything that life throws at them.

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