Children should have the privilege of knowing about the development of themselves as well as that of the opposite sex.  It is good for them to know about the struggles of others. It teaches compassion and empathy. Teaching empathy is huge part of being a good person in life.

There is the obvious advantage which is knowing why a boys voice is cracking or why he has a tent in his pants and is completely red with embarrassment.  Boys may understand why girls are more tearful or have stomach aches or take longer in the restroom.

  • You will know if you told your child too young because they will tell everyone to the great misfortune of another child. Sorry! Most third graders are not ready for this information. If your daughter is developing then you have no choice but you can stress the importance of not telling others and hope that she can do it.
  • You should stress not telling younger siblings or their friends because their friends parents may not want them to know about anything and then you will have the kid that ruined it for the other parent. They will not like that!

So let’s talk about you now. If you cannot do this and you know if you can do it or not, find someone that you trust to tell them, an uncle, your best friend, your sister, etc. It’s not the best choice but having it come from a trusted adult is still better then another child.

Do your homework by reading books about anatomy for adolescents or puberty. Be prepared!

I had a hard time with this. The subject was not difficult but it felt like my child left his childhood and innocence and that was really sad for me. My son is fine and the girls are fine and hands down every time they ask you something related to sex you should be honored that they came to you and grateful for the opportunity.

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