We are starting school so let’s talk about starting sports or other after school activities.

There are many benefits to kids participating in sports, music, chess, student government, yearbook, etc.
Not only because it looks good on college applications but because it teaches kids other valuable life lessons. Working together, cheering each other on, pride, support, organization, commitment, resilience, sadness, disappointment and more.
The down side to this is being over-scheduled or seeing these things as most important and loosing focus about what is really important.
Over-scheduling does not benefit the children. They do not need to be stimulated all the time. Love and Logic says… “Kids who never have an opportunity to rest, relax and get a bit bored, come to believe that life and relationships should always be exciting and fun. They also miss opportunities to develop creativity and problem-solving skills.”

The result of over-scheduling could be that they do not handle boredom well and create “fun” that many times is through misbehavior and dramatic/chaotic relationships. Their need for stimulation can cause parents to always keep them busy so they stay out of trouble, this is exhausting!

Another benefit to allowing children to be bored is that they do not see you as the entertainment chairman so they take responsibility by being creative with imagination and you save money and time.

Signs to look for if you are over-scheduling…
• You’re completely worn out from trying to help your kids participate in all of the activities
• Your kids appear anxious, irritable, stressed, exhausted or hyperactive
• Your kids don’t have enough time to contribute to the family by doing their chores
• Your kids complain about being bored any time they aren’t being entertained

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