We are just starting school so let’s talk about some things that you may be going through with your children.

Homework Issues – Love and Logic states:
• Help only when your child truly wants it.
• Help only as long as you are enjoying the process. As soon as anger and frustration enters the equation, you run the risk of having your child associate learning with these uncomfortable emotions.
• Avoid creating unhealthy dependency. Tell your child, “I’m going to let you work on your own most of the time so that you will know that you can learn even when I am not sitting next to you.”
• Help only as long as your child is working harder than you are.
• Remember that it is far better for a child to get a poor homework grade than to believe that it’s their parent’s responsibility to force them to do their work.
• Help only as long as there is no frustration or anger.
• Help only as long as your child is working harder than you are.
• Avoid sitting with your child when they are about to “get it.”

The Importance of Sleep – National Sleep Foundation suggests
• 6-9 year olds need about 10 hours of sleep each night
• 10-12 need a little over 9 hours
• Teenagers need 8-9 hours
I did an entire show on the importance of sleep and how it relates to mental health, physical health, academic achievement and behavior. Please listen to the show to hear some amazing things about sleep or the lack of. Needless to say it’s significant and should be as much a focus as eating the right food.

For more information listen to my radio show http://www.blogtalkradio.com/parenttalkwithkary/2014/08/12/back-to-school-so-soon

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