We are just starting school so let’s talk about something else that you may be going through with your children.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress happens at all ages and grade levels in school. Children may be yelling, easily tearful, angry, hyper, or just acting squirrely. The beginning of school is hard. Getting a new teacher with new rules, new kids and new classes, can be overwhelming. Kids may get the teacher that they did not want. That’s OK! They need to learn how to handle different personalities sooner or later.
Teachers and students need to like each other. Your child will not work as hard for someone they don’t like or someone that does not like them. You can foster this relationship by speaking highly of the teacher, getting to know the teacher, encouraging your child to be kind to the teacher. Think of it as a life lesson, they could work for someone or with someone that they don’t like later in life.
Other possible reasons kids may be stressed is that they are now changing class, or started a new school, or they moved.
Allow a few weeks for kids to get into the groove of school before you contact teachers. Check in with them verbally, “how is Mrs. Kathy or how is math”.
If they respond I don’t like her you could say, “I hear she’s a good teacher but she is tough” or something along those lines.
If they don’t understand a subject ask if you can help, encourage them by saying you know they will figure it out or do they want to get help from someone else, i.e. a tutor.
Parents can help kids find outlets for their stress. Exercise, meditation, eating right, sleeping enough, and quiet down time. You are a role model for how to handle stress. What do you do when you are stressed?

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